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Chinese Muslim website blocked

HONG KONG (Agencies): One of China’s most popular online communities for Muslims has been shut down after posting a petition asking the president, Xi Jinping, to stop his brutal suppression of human rights advocates.

The students who wrote the petition told Agence France Presse on December 14 that they demanded the immediate release of advocates still held by the state.

“You are not responsible for all of the crimes of the totalitarian system, but as the totalitarian system’s head and its commander-in-chief of repression, you must take responsibility for the blood and tears which now flow,” the letter to the president says.

Yi Sulaiman Gu, a Muslim student studying in the United States of America at the University of Georgia, said the Zhongmu Wang website—or—was closed down on the day after he posted the letter on a forum that had previously hosted sensitive discussions on issues such as the persecution of Muslim dissidents in China.

“We believed it would be safe for Zhongmu to post it there,” Gu said.

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