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Bible without religion

MANILA (SE) : In one breath, the president of The Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, told his people that they should not believe in religion, especially the Catholic religion, and in the next intake of air on January 5, declared January National Bible Month.

By signing a proclamation announcing the Bible Month he seems to be advocating the value of the bible without religion. 

Nevertheless, Duterte said, “The state recognises the religious nature of the Filipino people and the exhilarating influence of religion in human society.”

It also set every last week of January as National Bible Week.

But in branding the Church historically the most hypocritical of institutions, he acknowledged the profound impact the bible has had on the life of nations.

“It is fitting and proper, for the moulding of the spiritual, moral and social fibre of our citizenry, that national attention be focussed on the importance of reading and studying the bible,” he said in the proclamation.

He called his act a constitutional obligation to promote the ethical and spiritual values of the people and help them improve their morality.

The leadership of the Church lapped up his words, with Bishop Ruperto Santos calling it a praiseworthy and inspiring gesture.

Bishop Robert Mallari noted, “We thank the president for giving due recognition to the religiosity of our people and the importance of the holy scriptures in the development of our people.”

Bishop Gerardo Alminaza called it a golden opportunity for parishes to work together with local government units during the coming year, which has been declared the Year of the Parish.

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