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A myriad birds

Look at the birds: they do not plant seeds,

gather a harvest and put it in barns; yet your 

Father in heaven takes care of them! Aren’t 

you worth much more than birds?” 

(Matthew 6:26)


A myriad of birds day after day

Pretty birds tweeting in the trees

Waiting to be fed by a kind lady

Bringing joy to unload the stress.


Birds of not the same feather

Big or small they come in unity

Yet they happily flocked together

Truly they are in a perfect harmony.


When the mistress give them rice

Suddenly they appear from nowhere

From their hidden nests they arise

Knowing God’s grace waits somewhere.


Flying, eating, tweeting or chirping

What a simple lifestyle to think about

How I wish to have this kind of living


God is their provider without doubt!


 •  Sister Mary Cordero
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows