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Thoughts at 55

When we age honestly,

we understand more about love.

When our physical eyesight dimmer,

our spiritual eyesight gets clearer.

As our body weakens,

our mind stays more willing.


After all the denials, the masks, the fears,

the disguises and regrets...

the most-avoided and unwanted wrinkles

are actually the medals of 

excellence, patience and experiences. 


Love surges through us

longing to be released

as there is not much time left not to love.

We try seeking embraces everywhere

Our armoured hearts melting

into the pool of eternality

The reason why we all look forward to

graceful and honest aging.


All our deft avoidance maneuvers

and converts into real directness.

And we are all alone left with love!

Where God awaits all of us


on the bridge between our hearts.


 • Judy Albiso