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Fast and pray for peace

YANGON (SE): “Sincerely there is no happiness in many parts of this country,” the archbishop of Yangon, Charles Cardinal Bo, said of his land of the Union of Myanmar in his message for the beginning of 2017.

“War goes on in many parts. For more than 200,000 internally displaced people in the camps, there is NO Happy New Year,” he stated in a sad reflection on the state of the nation.

In pointing out that as the war that has been raging for 60 years continues Myanmar has much to be ashamed of.

“Cambodia solved its conflicts, Vietnam solved wars,” Cardinal Bo pointed out, adding that they are now on the path towards peace and prosperity. “But we are involved in an unwinnable war. Agony and displacement of all people is the only result.”

Cardinal Bo added that what he called the majority of the nation is standing back like silent spectators simply looking on as the chronic war blights the picturesque countryside of what was once arguably the most prosperous county in Asia continues.

“Let us come together in peace. It is time for us to come together, all religions and all ethnic groups, to make 2017 a really happy New Year,” the nation’s first cardinal added.

“Peace with justice is possible. Peace through negotiation is possible. Armed response has failed,” he stressed.

In calling for a day of fast and prayer on January 1, Cardinal Bo asked the people of Myanmar to flock to their monasteries, churches, temples and mosques and hold placards reading Stop All Wars high.

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