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Party member fired for criticising Mao cult

SHIJIAZHUANG (AsiaNews): Zuo Chunhe, a senior Member of the Chinese Communist Party and deputy director of the Culture and News Bureau of Shijiazhuang, was dismissed from his job by the official censors for criticising the great helmsman of modern China, Mao Zedong, and for showing disrespect for his personality cult.

Zuo posted a comment on Weibo calling Mao a devil and branding the annual commemorations of his birthday held around December 26 as the world’s largest cult activity. On January 16, the same office issued a statement in which it says it fired Zuo for posting wrong remarks and serious violations of political discipline.

Under Deng Xiaoping, the Communist Party line determined that the great helmsman—who raised China up onto the world stage—made 30 per cent of the nation’s errors, but removed his ascent to power; management at the time of the Long March, during which he gradually eliminated his opponents; the Great Leap Forward, which resulted in mass starvation; or the Cultural Revolution as topics for study.

However, many on the so-called left wing of the party that exalt him, are critical of him for sliding China into the rampant capitalism of today’s economy.

Earlier this month Deng Xiaochao, a professor of art at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, was also fired for making critical remarks about the birthday celebrations for Mao.

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