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Dreaming the impossible dreams

Dream the impossible dreams

There is no war or violence

Peace and love is everywhere.

All families are built by hearts

no matter how small the houses are.


Caring, sharing and loving one another

The world is a global village.

No disgrace, poverty or discrimination.

We are one

in God, in spirit and in love

with human rights and freedom.

No cheating, bullying or fighting.

We are all safe and respected with dignity.


Let us free our hearts from hatred.

Let us free our minds from worry.

Let us forgive and forget.

Let us understand one another

Let us live simply

Let us expect less and love more.


Even in cloudy, rainy or windy days

We can still see the light and truth behind!

May all the impossible dreams 

be possible one day!


   •  Gertrude Poon Wai-wah