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A Lunar New Year blessing for my employer

May the Lord grant my employer and her family good health and longevity. I pray that the Lord will bless each one of them. I am thankful for their kindness to me, treating me as part of their family and trusting me. My wish is that their kindness will not change.

  — Jenny Ambrosio


First and foremost I am really thankful to God because he gave me a good employer. They are a simple family. They treat me nicely as one their own. Madam, Sir, thank you so much for being kind and generous towards me. I really appreciate everything. Thank you for making me feel comfortable to stay in your family. Thank you for trusting me as your domestic worker and I am so proud because I have you as my boss. My wish is that God will always give an abundant blessing to you and your family and grant you good health. May the Lord allow the work of your hands to prosper. God bless and have a happy Lunar New Year.    

                                                                                              — Riza Berdin


May the Lord God continuously bless them with a happy and positive outlook in life, be strong and healthy always. May they prosper in all of their undertakings. I am really grateful to God for having an employer like them, because they treat me like their own daughter and are concerned about my health always. We always have a good time, laughing while chatting with each other.

 — Emy Ignacio


God’s love and blessing are everywhere. Working for six years for my employer is one of my greatest blessings. There have been many problems and obstacles in between, but through the guidance of our dear Lord they just pass by. I wish that God will continue to bless my lady employer and her whole family, and grant them success in their lives and continue to be good, not only to their employees but to all the people. I’m so thankful for having them because of their kindheartedness. 

Our open communication is one best way to have a long and lasting working relationship. Working with this family was a good choice. I wish them the best.

 — Janet Martin


As part of their family, I wish them good health and a stronger relationship among family members. I pray that all their plans and work goes well. I wish them success and prosperity. I hope that they will continue their nice treatment and kindness to me. I am lucky to have them as my employer.

 — Zenaida Pallones