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Love is the foundation

When two hearts are joined together in love,

They’re receiving this endless blessing from above.

God is watching over them from a distance,

Protecting and saving them
in every circumstance.


Everyday is a big challenge for both of them,

Lifting up these troubles to God above all men.

Trusting with one another is their message of hope,

That they will be bonded together in God’s love rope.


Love is the foundation of
their everyday life.

And God’s reminders can sometimes be sharper
than a knife.

Teaching their children about God’s commandment,

They will find this perfect joy in this honest commitment.

Yes, to forgive one another and to love is their
daily prayer,

That they will live as happy as can be, both now and forever!




 •  Sister Mary Cordero
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows