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A successful community should have...

It is important to have unity among the members of a community. Another important factor is forgiveness. There is no perfect community and we all come from different backgrounds. So hurting each other is inevitable. Therefore forgiving one another is a must. 

Humility is another important factor. When we are united as one, when we cooperate with one another and we practice humility then we can have a successful community. 

It is also important that we share our talents with our community for the glory of God.

 — Maregen Abastillas



For all I know there are five vital elements of a successful community. They are forgiveness, sharing, entertainment, unity and sacrifice.  Each and everyone in the community must learn how to forgive. It is not just about the need for us to learn how to deal with other people in a better way, but because when we forgive, we can build a strong bond of love. 

Sharing is also important, because when you share you can open yourself to other people and this helps all the people in the community to build up trust. 

In a community entertainment is also needed because this can give motivation to all people. Just try to imagine how a community with pure happiness and joy could create a mysterious energy that can inspire people to be more productive. 

Unity is found in a successful community as well. A  community with people united as one makes everything easier and better. In other words the productivity rate and the success rate of the community increases when all are united. 

As I have said life is not really perfect. Life is unfair, so sometimes we need to sacrifice for the good of all. 

If all these elements are present in a community, it is likely that all people will have one heart, one mind, one soul and one aim.

 — Joan Adorable



As members of a community, we should learn to be understanding, to bear with each other and to give a listening ear to one another’s problems. 

Cooperation is also a key for a successful community. Humility is another factor. We must always bear in mind that we all work for the glory of God and not for our ownselves. We must also be honest and open to one another.

 — Esmie Chung



Forgiveness: God is infinitely merciful and ready to forgive our sins as long as we repent for them. Christ taught us how to pray in the Our Father, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. He gave us the supreme example from the cross when he said, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” We should forgive one another’s faults. 

Unity: there should be an open line of communication among the members. Communication, love faith and the Spirit is the key in our community. For without unity there will be division. 

Love: if we love one another, God dwells in us.

 — Veron Nicolas



Positive mindset is to think positive always in any circumstance in any community. 

Tolerance is important for any member of the community to understand even if they are different or what they say is different. 

We should also have empathy or the ability to understand and share feelings of one another. 

Unity in a democracy is hard, as the freedom of each is precious, but if the majority is in unity, the survival and success of a community is possible.

 — Levi Sales



The elements of a succesful community is unity. If there are community gatherings, we should participate and be ready to serve our Lord. We must work with initiative or share what blessings received.

 — Jeng Salvador



In my own personal opinion, there should be transparency about the plan, project or goals within a community. 

The vision should be to serve and humility should always be practiced. Honesty with each other and no selfishness are also important.

 — Julie Tagoylo



Members should share common values and have ideas that belong to a common entity that supersedes every member’s interest within it. 

They should also have good organisation as every member sees themselves as having a role in supporting the whole in the sense of integrity, structures, procedures, decision-making and division of labour.  


 — Zeny Lucas