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Swing away from abortion

ATLANTA (SE): The results of a Marist Poll taken in the United States of America released on January 23 show that a slim majority of 52 per cent of respondents identify themselves as pro-choice, while 42 per cent say they are pro-life.

However, on more specific questions, solid majorities support legal restrictions on the practice of abortion.

An overwhelming 91 per cent of those who had favoured Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy said they wanted restrictions on abortion. More surprisingly, a majority of 55 per cent of Hillary Clinton’s supporters said the same.

More ominously, only 60 per cent of those surveyed agreed that health-care professionals should not be required to participate in abortions, even if they object to the procedure.

The national poll indicates shifting public attitudes across political party lines in favour of increased restrictions on the practice of abortion.

“When you ask Americans what they think of abortion… you get very, very strong numbers in favour of restrictions,” Andrew Walther, the vice president of communications of the Knights of Columbus, said at a news conference live streamed to reporters.

The Marist Poll of 2,729 adults was conducted in December and sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. It contains breakdowns by political affiliation and ethnicity, but not religious belief, so there is no information on how many respondents were Catholic or otherwise.

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