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Light in the darkness

When I was seriously ill, 

I was completely in the darkness.

So I went to church.

Suddenly I realised that nothing is important.

Riches, power, authority, beauty

or even health, family, friends

Only my God, my Almighty.

Don’t worry and be happy

as God is with me.


Never care about what

people think

or what they say,

as only God knows the truth.

We live and love for God.

Do what God wants you to do.

Then we can have peace and joy in our hearts.


Then I saw the light in the darkness

I could see angels all around 

—my family, friends, students

and people who took good of me.

Sindy, Teresa, Kate, Miss Lai,

Mr. Lee and Doctor Fong.

Sister Magdelene, Sister Gabriel, Sister Lily and Father Kong.

Thank God.





 • Gertrude Poon Wai-wah