CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Saturday, 22 June 2019

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My favourite sport

My favourite sport is volleyball. I came to know this sport when I was in high school because it was included in the physical education lessons. I found it really interesting. But I have not been able to practice volleyball since I came to Hong Kong as I do not have enough time.

 — Minda Ricardo



Basketball was once my favourite and I enjoy watching basketball games. But I did not play it myself. Here in Hong Kong it is hard for me to have time to watch basketball because my priority is my work.

 — Manilen Tolentino



Here in Hong Kong I have developed my skills in running and hiking. I have joined some races and even won medals. I also practiced taekwondo as one of my Sunday activities.

I like to watch basketball, but I cannot play. It is quite hard to play ball games in Hong Kong, because we need to have a permit or pay for the use of the field here. I am able to play ball games only when our parish has sports activities.

 — Jean Liza Javillonar



My favourite sport is baseball. I love baseball because after I hit the ball I can run as fast as I can and reach home base, which I normally did during my primary grade and high school. I was a small person, but there is no need to be tall or strong to play this game. When my children were still young I used to play with them when I went home for holidays. But I have no chance to play here in Hong Kong. 

At my age I prefer dancing. It helps me to maintain my body shape and I enjoy it. I can still dance gracefully like the young girls in my group. I have also been a dancer since I was a young girl. I join cheer dancing at Holy Family Catholic parish in Choi Hung. In fact I am the oldest that joins every year.

 — Maricor Guanco



I liked running when I was young. So I joined the track and field events in the school sportsfest from my elementary to high school years. Although I did not win any of them, I came to love the sport. I used to do it in the quadrangle of my elementary school every morning when I was still in The Philippines. I love sport because it keeps me fit and my body well-toned.

But when I came here to Hong Kong I didn't have time to do it. Besides I cannot do this extreme sport now due to my heart problem. But I do jogging every night as my exercise.

 —Jocelyn Oriel



My favourite sport is the cheering dance. Every December I am invited by different communities to join their dance performance. Then in our own parish I also join the dancing programme during Christmas and the New Year party, as well as at Easter celebration. It takes us a month to do the rehearsals. I like this sport and I have joined in it since I was 16-years-old until now. Dancing is my way of fighting homesickness and maintaining my physical health.


 — Stephanie Prado