CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Wish list for the New Year

HONG KONG (SE): Hopes for a chief executive that will protect the core values of Hong Kong society were expressed by Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing at a New Year gathering of the Colloquium of Six Religious Leaders on February 16.

At their annual New Year gathering, representatives of the Colloquium expressed their good wishes for Hong Kong society at a gathering attended by around 200 people from various religious traditions at the Church of Christ in China Kei Wa Primary School, Kowloon.

As the gathering was celebrating the Year of the Rooster, Bishop Ha said he notices that chooks have many virtues. He named the motherly love they lavish on their chicks and said that on top of his wish list is the hope that the new chief executive will show the same kind of love for the people, while at the same time maintaining stability in society.

He also had good words to say about roosters, describing them as faithful servants, as they crow exactly at the crack at down, setting an example to the different religions in the city to be imbued with hope and shine with light in times of darkness.

Ibrahim Sat Che-sang, the chairperson of the Chinese Muslim Cultural and Fraternal Association, said he hopes that Hong Kong will get a popular chief executive, so that society can enjoy better harmony and be blessed with greater unity.

Tong Yun-kai, the president of the Confucian Academy, said he can see the rapid development taking place in China, but at the same time he is concerned about the deep resentment Hong Kong people hold as a result of a variety of things, like the supply of housing and unbalanced economic development.

He stressed that there must be more communication between the people and the government so as to achieve a consensus.

Reverend Eric So Shing-yit, the chairperson of the Hong Kong Christian Council, encouraged people to have more concern for their families.

He explained that many people tend to set work as their first priority and forget the importance of family. He believes the New Year is a good chance for people to have family gatherings and establish a good rapport.

Venerable Wang Ming read a message from the president of the colloquium, Venerable Chi Wai, saying that among the various conflictual issues in society today, the first priority should be to improve the livelihood of the people in rational and pragmatic ways.

Leung Tak-wah, the chairperson of the Hong Kong Taoist Association, invited different religions to encourage young people to serve society.

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