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Mock abortion in front of cathedral

BUENOS AIRES (SE): An angry mob descended on the cathedral in Tucman, Argentina, on International Women’s Day, March 8, in what was described as a blatant attack on the image of the person of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The group staged a mock abortion on a woman dressed as the Blessed Virgin in the street outside the cathedral, using look-alike blood and baby parts coming from under the woman’s dress, local media reported.

In Bahia Blanca protesters defaced the cathedral with pro-abortion and anti-Catholic graffiti, and at the old cathedral of Pope Francis in Buenos Aires, some 40 women were arrested when they tried to break through barriers set up outside the church compound.

They attacked a young man carrying a Vatican flag then standing around a roaring bonfire they shouted, “The only Church that illumines is the one that is burning!”

Women’s Day rallies in Argentina that were once about equality have now become synonymous with pro-abortion fever and attacks on the Catholic Church.

The grotesque nature of the protest has prompted several unions and other groups to declare that although they have supported the push for equality up until this date, they will no longer participate in a day that has been bastardise by gross distortions.

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