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China publishes list of religious institutes

BEIJING (SE): Since 2014, the State Administration for Religious Affairs has been in the process of building an online database on religions in China on its website.

Since the end of 2015, all sites for religious activities, including Buddhist and Daoist temples that have been registered with the state, have been listed on its website.

On October 11 last year, a second online database was set up containing all registered institutes for religious education. The list includes the religion, the sponsoring organisation of the institution, its name and address, as well as the person in charge.

The database lists 36 Buddhist, 10 Daoist, 10 Islamic, 21 Protestant and nine Catholic registered educational institutes.

Religions and Christianity in Today’s China says that the report provided at the launch of the database shows approximately 10,000 people studying at the 86 institutes for religious education.

Since the reopening of the institutes for religious education, some 40,000 students have completed their studies. The report stresses that each official religious organisation on the national or provincial level must first apply for permission to establish an institute for religious education and that the institute must then be approved by the State Administration for Religious Affairs.

The nine Catholic seminaries registered on the database include the two in Taiyuan and Shanghai, which have been temporarily closed. However, the seminary in Jilin is not listed among those officially approved.

The database is available at:

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