CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Saturday, 13 April 2019

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A long and rocky road

HONG KONG (SE): While billed as a Walk for fun, unity and wellness, those who responded to the invitation from the Filipino Migrant Cancer Support Society (FILMCASS) at times wondered why they came as they staggered and stumbled over the rocky steep paths of the Wilson Trail out of Repulse Bay.

FILMCASS is made up of volunteers who give their time and expertise in accompanying their compatriot migrant workers that contract cancer or other life threatening diseases.

Although it has an all up membership of some 70 volunteers, only around 25 were able to free themselves for the early morning excursion. Among them were five women who have to date survived the ordeal of being treated for cancer.

While the April 2 excursion was billed as a fun walk, all readily admitted that although it is a strenuous trek, which often tempts the huffers and puffers to give up, the satisfaction of traversing the whole trail over Violet Hill and the Twin Peaks was indeed a source of great fun and enjoyment.

Those who took part also found that it does build unity, as during the morning some struggled and needed help, while others needed to sit down and rest for a while.

But the simple act of taking an arm, or waiting with them while they regenerated their strength does build a bond of unity within the whole group and the memories will continue to act as a glue in the future.

And it promotes wellness in the way that every medical person that has ever given input to the group on accompanying the sick and looking after their own health has stressed—that overall general fitness and wellness of body decreases the chance of falling victim to sickness.

Experience on the day showed that the cancer survivors have learned this lesson well and they were among those who made the walk with greatest ease and least struggle. Yes, there is life after cancer.

While some of those on the expedition had hiked the trail previously they had done it alone or with a couple of friends, but for others it was a first time experience and also the first time that they had done it together as a group.

While not the most difficult path to cover in Hong Kong, the Wilson Trail is indeed a long and rocky road and testimony from cancer survivors also shows that whatever health they enjoy today is the result of the long and rocky road that they have had the courage to traverse.

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