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Do you think all employees should get public holidays?

All workers should get both public and statutory holidays and be given equal rights, because skilled and unskilled workers are the same human beings. In my own opinion, as a domestic worker, it is now the right time to practice fair treatment, no racism in all aspects as we all are a big help to the families of our employers and a big help to Hong Kong people as well. But under the law of Hong Kong, we have no choice but to follow the ordinance given by the government.

 — Jocelyn Alsado


I really do not mind working on public holidays that much as long as my boss treats me humanely and gives me enough respect. Furthermore, we are in a foreign country so we have to abide by their laws and policies if we want to continue to work here and give our family and ourselves a better life.

However, if the government would also grant us domestic workers the same holidays as our employers that would be a perfect idea.

 — Annaliza Carr


Equal treatment must be given to all workers skilled or unskilled. We have equal rights. It is unfair to us domestic workers that we are only given statutory holidays and our bosses, or those whom they call skilled workers, are enjoying all holidays. Why? Because we all eat, sleep, work, laugh and cry. In other words we are all human beings and, at the end of the day, we all die too.

 — Marlyn dela Cruz


My answer is yes! A big YES! We, as domestic workers, have the right to public holidays. It is unfair for us, as whatever your status in life is, you are obliged to follow the celebrations or respect the occasions, like Good Friday and the Easter Vigil to mention a few. I guess all employers should give their employees a time to rest from work for a day just to celebrate or commemorate the occasions.

 — Theresa Delgado


It does not really matter to me whether I have holidays only during the statutory ones or not, as my work is light and my employers are not demanding. My employer is busy and when they are at home all I need is to prepare their meals. When they have something for me to do, the tasks are light and easy. So I really do not need much holiday. The 12 days of statutory holidays are already enough for me.

 — Analyn Diaz


I am fine even with the present statutory holidays in Hong Kong. My employer is working during the week and their only free day is on Sunday, which happens to be my holiday. When I come to think of it, it turns out that my employer has no rest day. Since I am off on Sunday, she has to take care of the children herself. I am thankful that here in Hong Kong the government gives us statutory holidays. When I was working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I did not have any holiday.

 — Dhes de Jesus Guillermo


Skilled or unskilled workers should enjoy the same privileges of holidays. It is already unfair for us domestic workers as we have to work longer hours in our employers’ homes daily, while the skilled workers only work eight hours in their office. Everyone should enjoy equal rights. It is unreasonable for a domestic worker to be working extra or longer hours without the appropriate pay and not given all the red dates on the calendar for holidays. Foreign domestic workers should also have their days off on all red days in the calendar.

 — Elena Lazona


We should be entitled to all public holidays without exceptions. All workers here must be treated as equal and the benefits should be given to all workers, skilled or unskilled, local or not.

 — Arvy Pedrita