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Naypyidaw and Vatican tie diplomatic knot

VATICAN (SE): It was announced on May 4 that the Vatican is tying the diplomatic knot with Naypyidaw at the same time that Pope Francis was meeting with the first counsellor of the Union of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, at the Sala Regia in the apostolic palace.
It is a diplomatic nod from the Vatican that it recognises Suu Kyi as the head of state, but the one time democracy icon has now become the butt of concern about the slow pace of return to democratic processes in her country and, more pointedly, the brutal military response to separatist movements among the country’s Rohingya minority group.
The 2017 Annual Report on Religious Freedom from the United States of America Commission on International Religious Freedom labelled Myanmar one among the 16 Tier One category of countries of particular concern based on their level of religious repression.
Pope Francis presented Suu Kyi with a medallion bearing the inscription, “The dry thorny branch that blossoms and bears fruit symbolises the passage from selfishness to sharing, from war to peace.”

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