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Disagreements with my mum

I had an argument with my mother during my high school years. Being the youngest among three siblings, I was quite a spoiled brat who always got what she wanted. My mum cried because of my attitude, though finally she gave in and granted me what I wanted. I felt regretful for my stubbornness. I realised that I would not be able to see the world without her.
Since then I have realised that nothing can be compared with the love of a mother. Our arguments did not weaken our relationship, in fact they became the key to our deep relationship. 
Everything she did was for my good. Even when I came to work in Hong Kong, she was there to take care of my two children. 
Our last bonding was in 2005. My love for her was overflowing until her last breath. The last words she told me were to save money for my children and take care my health.
 — Gilda Castillo
Mum and I disagree on so many topics. She disapproves of whatever decision I make and I get defensive all the time. Maybe she just wants to protect me from all the harm I can do to myself due to my careless decisions. Even though we have misunderstandings and quarrels, I know my mum loves me beyond what I expect. That is why I love her so much.
 — Lorna Cuenca
I was upset with my mum 21 years ago as she was not in favour of my boyfriend who did not notify her his intention to court me. At that time, all I could see in her face was anger, as my other siblings would report to my mother every small mistake I made. 
She gave me a telling off every day. Even when I went to Church on Sundays, she would suspect I was meeting my boyfriend behind her back. 
Then came the time I could no longer control myself and had an argument with her. My boyfriend suggested I go away with him. 
But finally I did not do so as I only have one mother and I would not exchange anyone for my family, though I loved my boyfriend. Deep within my heart, I understood that her being strict was her way of showing her love for her children.
I love my mother and now I can feel her love for me. 
 — Teresita Umlas
I once had a difference of opinion with my mother over a big issue, which I will not elaborate on. Besides that, I have had a lot of small disagreements with her ever since I was a child, a teenager and now a married woman. But such disagreements will not cause us to lose a family bound together by God. Having disagreements always reminds me that my mother really cares about me and her love will never end. No matter how much we disagree with each other, it has never broken our relationship as mother and daughter. Our relationship strengthens after quarrels as soon as reconciliation is achieved, as we then understand each other even better.
 —Elma Junio
When I was young, like any other teenager, I would have what I desired no matter what. I can still recall a disagreement with my mum about my boyfriend whom she did not like. My mum got mad. 
I know my mum loves me and she only wants the best for me. Having some misunderstandings deepens our relationship. Disagreements help us clarify what is right and wrong, when is the right time to do something and what is the best for our future.
 — Maria Vivian Mendez
I quarrel with my mum once in a while due to misunderstandings. And every time that happens we often say words that hurt. However, I believe my mother never stops loving us despite those experiences. She may get mad and choose not to talk to me or answer when I chat to her. I then just give her time and space to think. 
Furthermore, I think sometimes we lack patience, respect and understanding towards one another because we live far away from each other. But after our arguments, we have a stronger mother and daughter relationship as we have learned more about each other’s personalities. 
I love my mum, who worked overseas to give us a better future, and I will always be grateful for her unconditional love and sacrifices.
 — Veronica Garpida
I was in my third year in college when my mother and I quarrelled over my weekly allowance. Since I already enjoyed the privilege of free tuition as a member of the Handuman Choir in our school, I thought I deserved an extra allowance for my personal needs. I thought being the youngest in my family, I was not given enough attention, as my brothers and sisters were still dependent on our parents even though they were married and had their own families.
Despite that serious argument, my mother’s love never faded. I felt so touched when I learned that she kept my picture in her medical kit, which my sister discovered two years ago. It made me cry knowing how much my mother loves me and misses me every day.
Disagreements made me realise my shortcomings and learn to appreciate other people’s concerns. Most of all, they made me realise how much my mother means to me. I love my mother with all my life.
 — Janeth Garde