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Italy marks Day of Prayer for China

NAPLES (SE): The Chinese community in Italy has planned a gathering to mark the May 24 World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, which is scheduled to be held in Naples on the previous Sunday, May 21.
Fides reported that the group will gather at the parish of St. Mary of Constantinople at the Museum and people will travel from all over Italy to take part in the day of prayer, which is held annually on the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians.
A Mass will be celebrated in Italian and Chinese led by the archbishop of Naples, Crescenzio Cardinal Sepe, with singing and music provided by the Chinese community.
Prayers will be offered for a variety of intentions asking that the Church may be free to preach the gospel in every corner of the earth with truth and vigour.
There will be special prayers that the bishops of China will stay firm in their faith and remain strong in leading the flock that God has entrusted to them.
In addition, all Chinese people will be included, asking that they may receive and develop a faith in Christ.
Of special mention will be all Chinese Catholics living in Italy and their compatriot country people that they may take the opportunity presented by their foreign surrounds to approach a knowledge of our faith.
The World Day of Prayer for the Church in China was established by Pope Benedict XVI on 27 May 2007 in his famed letter to the Catholic people of China.
Pope Benedict prayed in his letter that Our Lady Help of Christians—who is venerated with such devotion at the National Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai—may become an opportunity for Catholics all over the world to join in prayer with the Church that is in China.
Apart from being marked in China, the day is celebrated as a day to remember by the many communities of the Chinese diaspora in union with the universal Church and the pope.

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