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A five-year-old’s outreach to hungry children

‘We never believed that a five-year-old girl could do anything to change the world, but something happened to change our minds’

HONG KONG (SE): When five-year-old Audrey heard during the Easter holidays that a four-year-old called Alexandra had helped in fund-raising for children suffering from cancer by selling lemonade in the United States of America, the news that three million children die of malnutrition each year raised questions in her five-year-old mind.

By coincidence, her grandaunt happened to be visiting her home and she asked her what she thought she could do to help hungry children.
With a burst of unexpected wisdom, the grandaunt suggested doing a painting for them and, without a second thought Audrey concurred. She had a good look at the cover of a colourful prayer book and then the inspiration came to her.
She drew a cloud representing a dream, a little girt, which was herself. Then she added the images she was familiar with; a house, a tree and the sun. Then a moment’s pause before the phrase “I♥U” was on the page, then in no time it was there four times and finally one went on her heart.
A 30-minute inspiration. Looking at it, she decided that it lacked life, so she spent the next one-and-a-half hours colouring it in.
Each of the eight windows in the house she gave a different colour, but then after a bit of reflection, she decided that her love alone was not enough, so three rabbit stickers went onto the page to express the desire of her whole family to reach out to and care for hungry children.
The rabbit wearing glasses is her father. The pink one is her mother. Both stay in the house. Audrey herself has black hair, standing next to the little rabbit who is her little sister.
For a bit of touching up of her work, she spent time with a rubber finessing the lines and curves.
Finally, her little hands helped her to complete her painting in two hours.
Why paint? It was Audrey’s wish to give a copy of her work to anyone who donated to the support the hungry children. To fulfil her dream, her whole family got behind her project to spread love and care to malnourished children, not just in Hong Kong, but all over the world.
Audrey now has a special donation link from a well-known international charity under her own name.
The link is global, so her friends and family overseas can join in this project for the hungry children. But on top of that, Audrey gave a card titled Love and Care to her classmates and teachers to help spread the word, and her own family did their bit as well
The QR code on the right hand bottom corner is a shortcut to the link.
Audrey’s fund-raising campaign started on 21 April 2017 with one donor giving $100 (Hong Kong). By May 7, there were over 100 donations adding up to $20,000.
Little Audrey comes from a Catholic family and she is still a K3 pupil I don’t think that she has ever thought about the significance of this wonderful response. She just tells people, “My dream is to help more poor people.”
Her dream has already come true for without realising it her quick response to her grandaunt’s suggestion is having an impact on life after life after life.
A thought that is now constantly on her mind is My dream is to help more poor people.
Grandaunt Kitty
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