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Wind beneath my wings

Walking down the seafront alone,
Where I can find peace on my own.
On this lovely and quiet afternoon,
People may come and go, 
but they will leave me with a sweet smile and hello!
All I have at the moment,
Is wind beneath my wings
Whispering to me how good God is,
Embracing me with all the love that it has to offer.
Telling me sweetly how precious I am in God’s sight.
Guiding my humble feet to the right path of life.
Cheering me up when I’m feeling down and sad,
Rejoicing with me when my heart sings beautifully.
Oh, wind beneath my wings!
How can I hold you so dearly and so tightly?
And never to let you go if I could.
Thank you for always reminding me,
That life is just only a passing moment.
And looking for all eternity,
Is where I belong to be as I prayed for.
To be with the Triune God, is all I need,
And to embrace the Father's love forevermore.
 •  Sister Mary Cordero
    Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows