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Are you happy with the food from your employer?

I am blessed to have a kind employer like my present one. I am free to eat any food in the house. I can cook whatever food I want to cook. I have a complete meal daily including snacks. I have a balanced diet, because I am a person who is health conscious.
 — Rachel Cabral
I am not happy because sometimes there is no food in my employer’s home. They are only concerned about my dinner while I have to get my breakfast and lunch at my own expense. They do not provide me with snacks either. I cannot keep a balanced diet as they do not give me vegetables or fruit. If I want to eat something, I buy it myself. I am not happy about it, because employers are supposed to provide proper food for their workers.
 — Maricel Cacayan
Yes, I am very thankful to the Lord for the blessing of giving me a supportive employer. My employer is concerned about my daily diet. I am always reminded not to eat so much instant noodles as it is not good for health. She suggests what food I have to eat which will be good for my health. My employer provides for my three meals.
 — Elizabeth Guzman
For me food is not a problem. My employer is nice and understanding and all things can be negotiated peacefully. Before I had problem with the food, but after opening this matter with her, the problem was resolved. So far everything is okay. As long as you have open communication with your employer the problem can be solved.
On the other hand, we should not depend for everything on our employer, as we receive salaries too. Sometimes we need to pamper ourselves by buying ourselves nice food to eat instead of sending all our salary back home.
 — Epifania Pamintuan
I am so happy with the food my employer gives me. I am also allowed to cook what I want to eat and I can eat any of the food inside the refrigerator and, aside from the regular meals, I am given snacks too. I am so blessed that I have employers like them as they treat me as part of their family. 
 — Flor Peros
I am happy and satisfied with the food given to me by my employer because I am free to eat what I like. I can cook what I want from the refrigerator and take any snacks or fruit. I can choose what I like. I do not need to worry about buying my own food because my employer provides enough for me. Because of that, I can say that I am very blessed to have a generous and kind employer.
 — Reza Mea Ponce