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Be my guiding light

Day by day,
send forth 
your Holy Spirit
O Lord,
To show me the path of
righteousness and salvation.
With my simple heart filled
with faith and trust
in you alone,
That my humble soul
will rejoice with all your
holy commandments.
Yes, come, Holy Spirit
of the living God
and be my guiding light.
Bless, O Lord,
my human eyes to see that
you are my eternal light.
Guide my hands to embrace
Your most sacred
and loving heart.
Touch my ears to hear
your words of redemption
and salvation.
Open my mouth that I may
proclaim your holy name
without fear.
Anoint my head and release
to me the gift of wisdom
to speak the truth.
Night after night,
send forth your Holy Spirit
O Lord,
Come near and rescue me
from the hands of
all my enemies.
Reach down
your saving hands
from on high
and raise me up
out of darkness.
Teach me to do your heavenly
and divine will
for you are 
my Lord and my God.
Yes, come, Holy Spirit
of the Living God,
and be my guiding light.
 •  Sister Mary Cordero           
    Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows