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Power cut for refusing surveillance cameras

HONG KONG (SE): Two parishes in the coastal province of Zhejiang in China discovered that the electricity to the Church compound had been cut off after they had refused to install security cameras.
Suddenly, it appears the two buildings have become fire hazards, as immediately after their refusal they were issued with a notice from the fire department saying that the buildings are dangerous when full of people.
China Aid reported that the power cut was followed quickly by the water being turned off and a demand to the parishes to fix the list of problems the fire danger order details.
Despite the government claim that it cut the power supply for safety reasons, Christians suspect it is in retaliation for the Churches failing to comply with efforts to install the surveillance cameras as part of a campaign that is sweeping the province.
Officially, authorities say the cameras will improve Church security, but it will also make it easier for them to monitor religious activity.
Some Buddhist temples have also been required to install surveillance equipment.
The two Churches remain the only two without cameras in the area.
One of the two, Gesancun Church, is still resisting and has purchased a diesel generator so it can carry on its regular services. One parishioner said, “We are trying our best to avoid the installation, but the Church is too weak to fight against the government. We can’t do anything if the government decides to take violent measures.”

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