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Why am I proud of being a Filipino?

We are known for being hospitable in a sense of being open-hearted towards 
everyone we meet.
Filipinos are selfless when it comes to caring about theirfamilies. We are glad to see our families happy. And, living in a Catholic country, people have a strong faith in God.
 — Maybelle Baltazar
Being generous and hospitable are our best qualities. Even though we are not rich with material things, we share what we have with those who are in need. That comes from our nature for being helpful.
Filipinos are full of spirit and possess a high confidence. Even though many of us may lack knowledge, education or money, we can handle and manage ourselves. We have this fighting spirit. Giving up is not in our vocabulary and we always embrace the circumstances that come in our lives.
We are strong physically and emotionally so despite all the burdens we carry, we are able to smile and laugh loud, giving hope to others who are in pain. No matter how serious the situations are, we always find a way to crack a joke.
Also it makes me proud of our country people who are everyday heroes, especially the overseas workers like myself. I think one of the many reasons Filipinos are to be found in every corner of the world is our amazing talent and ability. We speak English. We are good at sport and we excel in many others areas.
 — May Cabusog
Born in a beautiful country, I love the land that God has given to me to live in, to love and to protect. 
The Philippines is a Catholic country and I’m proud to be a Catholic, a religion that was introduced to me from the very start of my childhood that made me feel strong despite the challenges, because I believe God is with us. I never lost hope and always trust in God’s providence. I always think positive so that in everything I do there is a cause, and what I need will always be granted.
 — Rosalinda Carampatana
I am proud to be a Filipino because of our wonderful culture, colourful heritage and our optimistic attitude towards life. Despite the calamities we’re facing right now, we Filipinos still put a smile on our faces.
As an overseas worker I have a desire for a better life, dreaming of the state of my family. I know that success comes at the expense of hard work.
 — Lisa Consigo
I can say that we are different from other countries in so many ways. We live in a beautiful land which is rich in natural resources. Filipino people are God-fearing. We have close family ties. And we are also hospitable towards those people who are new in our place.
Whenever we encounter adversities in life, we still manage to smile and we don’t let problems pull us down. Our family and friends are always there to support us until we can recover.
Another thing is that Filipinos are also known for having many talents and when it comes to delicacies you cannot refuse to have one and it makes us proud.
 — Lornalyn Estomo
The thing that makes me most proud of my country, The Philippines, is our language, Tagalog. It can be interesting and official at the same time.
The Philippine history has a strong allure though being ruled by the Spanish, Japanese and Americans for years. I am also proud of our history, which, though littered with both highs and lows, has made the country a fascinating place of different cultures.
Attractions of our country also come from the beautiful countryside and diversity of our environment, from the rolling farmland, beaches, mountain resorts and quintessentially the Filipino villages of the vast rugged and mountainous wilderness of Bucari Leon, Baguio and Matha, Cortez, Surigao del Sur and many others.
 — Catherine Garcia
We are hospitable and hardworking. We love and value life. These are the traits we can be proud of.
However, at this time I can’t be really proud because of what is happening to our country, like the extrajudicial killings. I am a pro-life person. It hurts to see my people lying dead on the streets. Have we forgotten the true meaning of loving our neighbours and the fear of God which was imbued into us by our ancestors. I pray that peace will be restored to The Philippines.
 — Gemma Martinez
Like most Filipinos, I have close family ties. Being a loving daughter towards my parents and a loving sister towards my siblings, I have tried my best to provide what they need. Though we are not perfect, we have tried our best to respect one another’s opinions in order to avoid misunderstandings. We have tried our best to put God at the centre of our lives. I believe that whatever we need, we can ask for it in prayer and God will grant it.
 — Lorraine Tuyor