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Moments with my father

When I was young my father loved to sing me songs and his favourite was The Impossible Dream. And when I grew up we used to sing together. We both love to sing and that is what I inherited from him—a talent for singing. I was told that I inherited his voice. I really miss him. He has been gone for more than a decade and his memory will forever remain.

 — Thelma Dumaua
My father is our knight in shining armour. He used to cheer me up when I was young using his talent in dancing and I remember when we taught him how to dance the otso-otso (Eight-Eight). That was one of my favourite funny moment.
Although now we are no longer babies, we still act like one sometimes. We want to spend more time with our favourite man on earth, even in simple ways like biking, eating and playing together, or just being there for him.
I know my daddy loves us so much that he would sacrifice his time, his strength and everything just to give us a comfortable living.
I studied hard for you daddy and now I have graduated. This diploma is not enough for all that you have done for me and for us. Thank you so much Daddy and you know how much I love you. Happy Fathers’ Day!
 — Russia Mendiola
When I was young, I was often in a bad mood, especially when I was feeling frustrated, so my dad would encourage me to run around and play on the bicycle until I felt better and reassured that everything is going to be just fine.
And even now, my dad and I are still having fun together doing things like going swimming and visiting other places during my vacation.
My dad loves me. He is always trying to do me a favour, support me and cheer me up. He was even picky about the people I dated.
But now that I am a married woman he has demonstrated on how to have a healthy marriage. I am glad I have a father like him. Thanks for your unconditional love Dad, I thank God for giving me a father like you.
 — Rubilyn Odasco
My father is a great chef. He always cooks delicious meals for us. I have a good appetite when my father cooks my favourite dish. When I go home for vacation I always ask him to cook for me. We find time chatting together and I help him to cook since we have a small food business in our place.
My father’s love is my greatest gift from God. I owe everything to him. He always gives me advice. Since I am his oldest child, he always reminds me that being an older sister I must be a role model to my siblings.
 — Maria Shaine Tan
My father always told me that I can stand on my own without any help from others and reminded me to trust God and myself. I never forget those words, as they strengthen me when I feel weak. From those words I feel loved and guided by him even though he passed away 17 years ago.
I love you my Papa Ping, I know you are in heaven now with Father God. Happy Fathers’ Day to all fathers and also to those fathers who have passed away, may they rest in peace in heaven.
 — Carolyn Tapel
I remember when I was growing up my father always showed me love, when I was sad or upset he used to tickle me until I giggled. He taught me how to sing, he comforted me in every aspect. I love my father very much.
Now that I have become an independent woman and have a wonderful family of my own, I would love to spend more memorable moments with my father like we used to do.
I am always gonna be daddy’s little girl. He will always have a soft spot in his heart for his special girl, which is me. I love and I miss him so much, my old man.
 — Nerlene Valenzuela
I can never forget the words my father used to tell me. “Be hardworking,” he would remind us. He said if we lacked strength he might be able to give us some. But for money, he honestly said he was not sure whether he would be able to help us financially or not.
I believe that my father wasn’t perfect. He may not have been able to give us the best in life, but he has brought me and my siblings into this world and it is more than enough to treasure.
I don’t remember a time that my father appreciated me, but I know in my heart that he loves me.
As of now my father is sick and I am so sad to know of the pain he is having. Without him, I would not be here in this world. And I thank him for everything that he did for me, for raising me, and I thank him for my life. I love you tatay (father).
 — Charlie Velarde
When I was young my father used to help me with my school projects. He was always there to support my schooling. We loved going to the farm and we planted vegetables and other crops together.
I know that my father loves me because every time I go home my father cooks my favourite food. Even though I am so far away, if I call, my father never fails to ask me if I am okay and always reminds me not to forget to eat properly and have healthy food. He always reminds me to take care of myself. I love you my dear father.
 — April Villanueva