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A plug for clericalism


SEOUL (SE): During a speech at the quarterly meeting of the Social Apostolate Research Institute, which operates under the auspices of the Catholic Lay Apostolate of Korea in Seoul, Father John Chung Hee-wan put in a plug to keep the real power in the hands of the clergy.
At the May 25 meeting, the chairperson, Paul Kwon Kil-joong, said, "Apostleship should not be monopolised by priests. Laypeople should fulfill their mission to proclaim the gospel endowed by the Church."
But Father Chung was quick to counter, saying that does not mean that lay people can actually lead in the Church, but should be good sheep acting as role models in society at the direction of their shepherds.
Father Chung hinted that there is some tension between the clergy and the Catholic Lay Apostolate saying that laity-clergy discrimination seems to be alive and well, but he also seems to be determined to keep decision-making in his clerical hands.
One of the targeted areas of Church life in clericalism, which is normally defined as a policy of maintaining or increasing the power of the religious hierarchy. It tends to lead to indifference towards the experiences and opinions of the Catholic people, encouraging repetitious teaching and regulations.


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