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Tribute to the heroes

On June 12 Philippine Independence Day was celebrated in different parts of the country or even by Filipinos abroad. But what more touching was the giving of honour and respect to all the marines, armed forces and police who have died in the war in Marawi city in Mindanao. It was a heartbreaking moment seeing many coffins with the lifeless bodies inside. Fighting to their last breath for our country due to the love for service, they deserved honour and respect.  
I remember the same scene appeared two years ago when the 44 officers of the Special Action Force were killed in the Mamasapano clash. They sacrificed their lives to capture terrorists so that people can live in a safer place. Like many of us, they longed for freedom in the sense of peace. 
I think this was how tough and difficult it had been when our great ancestors and heroes fought and died for our freedom to liberate our country from oppression and foreign invasions. We believe that the lives of the dead are in the memories of the living. Their sacrifices, dedication, bravery, courage and heroism are indeed worth remembering. 
May the soul of the departed heroes be rewarded in heaven and may the spirit of heroism be always in the hearts and minds of all Filipinos who are willing to serve, love and even to die for our country as we belong to one flag, one blood and one nation with one dream. 
•  Lynn Salinas