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Thoughts about the martial law in Mindanao

I was shocked by the declaration of martial law and the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. Under martial law, the just and lasting peace every Filipino family aspires for will be unreachable. When there is no just and lasting peace, human rights abuses and violence will reign over our Mindanao. The imposition of martial law will only worsen the present critical condition of human rights in there. 
I feel sad seeing the plight of the displaced Marawians. Women, children and the elderly who have fled from their homes and communities have been enduring poor living conditions in evacuation camps with inadequate food and medical care. 
I condemn those who have taken a priest and some other people hostage. Placing Mindanao under martial law will only encourage more violations and abuses against women, children, political activists, Church workers, indigenous leaders and human rights defenders. That is why I call on peace-loving Filipinos, overseas workers and friends to appeal to President Rodrigo Duterte to lift his declaration of martial law and to withdraw the suspension of the habeas corpus.
 — Luz Afidchao
I feel so sorry for the people in Mindanao. On the other hand, I hope and pray that the martial law imposed by the president will help people. 
I believe that martial law is meant to give the military control over the area. An advantage of imposing it is that law enforcement will be handy in case there will be any type of emergency. It may also make some areas safer than they would normally be. 
Luckily my family is not affected, but I feel so devastated hearing all the news regarding the terrorists. Lots of people in Mindanao got affected. Many people are suffering psychologically and worse, lots of innocent people died. 
I am hoping that our government will take safer actions to save the country especially the people.
 — Lea May Allienas
I feel worried about what is going to happen to the people in Mindanao for we know that the time of martial law under Marcos was so traumatic for our grandparents, to our compatriots and to our whole country. Many innocents were killed, while people did not have the freedom to talk or do any other things. 
I think martial law will not help the entire problem in The Philippines. It may cause more damage and will create much fear again like what our country people experienced before during the Marcos regime. 
I feel sad for the people in the south, especially the Christians, the children and other victims. There were lots of people displaced and relocated. I am really so sad to see our soldiers, who offered their lives just to protect our fellow citizens and restore the land from evil forces, die at an early age. 
My prayers are to stop the violence that is still occurring right now. May God save our country. War is not the solution. It may worsen the situation. May God help restore the peace and freedom that is suppose to be enjoyed by everyone in a democratic country.
 — Christine Bolano
I think martial law was imposed in Mindanao to protect people from the barbarian acts of Maute group. It is meant to help the displaced people, their home and property. I believe President Duterte will help the people there to move on and create a new Mindanao. But I think the people there should also help one another, with unity and willingness to work towards development. 
 — Jane Juarez
Actually I am super sad because the war in Mindanao has not yet ended. It looks like nothing has changed despite the martial law. The war is still ongoing in Mindanao and many innocent lives were lost and affected. Many soldiers have lost their lives but the Maute group does not seem to decrease and it looks like they are receiving help. 
I pray for the suspension of martial law, which in the first place was not supposed to be declared. 
 — Grace Palacio
Due to the continued violence of terrorism, I consider martial law in my place, Davao del Norte, as a way to suppress the attack happening in Mindanao. As for those people who were displaced, I pray for them and the whole of Mindanao.
 — Zirland Simba
Martial law is never an answer. It doesn’t address the circumstances of what is happening in Marawi. It will only bring more woes to the people in Mindanao and the whole country. I strongly oppose the declaration of it. Even if I’m not in Mindanao I feel sorry and sad for the people there. Martial law will surely lead to gross violations of people’s rights. There will be no human rights or freedom at all.
 — Ana Rose Valencia