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The Euthanasia Deception

THE HAGUE (SE): Every five years, the Netherlands publishes statistics on how people die and in the most recent years special attention has been paid to documenting assisted deaths.
Figures from the 2011 to 2015 period have just been released and show that in the year 2015 there were 7,245 assisted deaths, 6,672 of which are considered to be deaths from euthanasia, 150 assisted suicides and 431 termination of lives without the request of either the patient or the family.
However, LifeNews points out that there is a discrepancy in these figures when they are compared with an official euthanasia report, which claims that there were only 5,561 reported assisted deaths, which indicates that 1,693 assisted deaths were not reported.
In addition, it points out that assisted deaths without request rose by around one-third in 2015 as compared with the previous year, an act which in most western countries is considered to be homicide.
The Hague has been gradually extending the circumstances in which assisted suicide or euthanasia can be performed and in January this year, a Regional Euthanasia Review Committee decided that a forced euthanasia on a woman with dementia, where the doctor sedated her by putting drugs in her coffee and then had the family hold her down for the lethal injection, found that the rules were not followed, but it was okay as it was done in good faith.
The euthanasia lobby argues that it should be legalised in order to regulate and control a practice that is already going on. It also claims that it can be controlled and that there is no proof that a slippery slope or incremental extension will occur.
However, the latest data from the Netherlands indicates that since the legalisation was introduced, covert euthanasia has continued to occur and regulations such as the requirement to report all assisted deaths is being ignored.
LifeNews recommends a documentary called The Euthanasia Deception as being an excellent exposé of what is actually happening.

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