CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Delegates for Asian Youth Day commissioned

HONG KONG (SE): Despite the delay caused by Typhoon Roke, which blew through Hong Kong on July 23, around 30 young people representing the Hong Kong diocese at Asian Youth Day in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, gathered at Holy Family parish in Choi Hung, to be commissioned at a Mass celebrated by John Cardinal Tong Hon.
The English-speaking community of the parish joined in the celebration, along with representatives from the Indonesian Catholic Community of Hong Kong.
The hoisting of a Number Eight typhoon signal at 9.20am resulted in a delay getting the commissioning ceremony off the ground, forcing a last minute change from its 1.30pm time slot to a much later 4.00pm kick off and a move in venue from Christ the King Chapel in Causeway Bay to Choi Hung.
The bishop of Hong Kong was joined at the Mass by Father Anthonius Balubun, Father Heribertus Hadiarto, Father Mechelle Reginio, Father Fructuoso Martin and Father Luke Park.
Cardinal Tong reminded the gathering that an important factor in life is to stay young at heart. “Whether you are 60, 70 or 80,” he said with a laugh and, as the congregation let out a spontaneous chuckle at his mirth, he quipped, “I am also young at heart!”
Asian Youth Day will run under the theme, Joyful Asian youth! Living the gospel in multicultural Asia and Cardinal Tong commented that he believes “a greater intensity of listening is needed in multi-cultural Asia, as well as more dialogue to engender unity and harmony in the midst of the region’s diverse cultures and religions.”
Asian Youth Day this year, including Days in Diocese, ran from July 30 to August 6. The delegates from Hong Kong were then scheduled to travel to Bali on a cultural immersion programme, which runs until August 11.

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