CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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We can work together

HONG KONG (SE): “This gathering today is a testimony that we can all work together for the betterment of our society by showing love, forgiveness and charity across the boundaries of all religions and cultures,” the newly installed bishop of Hong Kong, Michael Yeung Ming-cheung, told guests at a cocktail party held in the Caritas Community Hall on August 7.
In addressing the gathering of government dignitaries led by the acting chief executive, Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, guests from the China Liaison Office, in addition to representatives from other Christian denominations and faiths, consuls general and members of the business and social services communities, Bishop Yeung expressed the confidence that cooperation on many fronts is possible, even though relations may be strained at times and disagreements emerge.
He then thanked his predecessor, John Cardinal Tong Hon, for his half-a-century of service to the people of the city as a priest, as well as his 21 years as a bishop and finally his eight years as the leader of the diocese.
The new bishop quoted Jesus as saying that everyone is our neighbour, but to make that a reality demands work and effort and the challenge to our society is to be pro-active in reaching out to numerous groups of people who are excluded in some way and embracing them as a neighbour.
He stressed that this is not only a matter of charity, but also a matter of justice, as peace and harmony in any society must be pinned on justice to be legitimate and long lasting.
The newly appointed bishop of Hong Kong then expressed the hope that those who hold power in the region will use it in that manner and work to create a society that truly places itself at the service of others and embraces all its members as neighbours.
Bishop Yeung acknowledged that the people of Hong Kong enjoy many types of freedom, but he went on to say that with freedom comes responsibility, especially in the area of fostering an atmosphere within which life reaches towards eternity.
He then assured the gathering that represented many different echelons of life in the territory that the Catholic community looks forward to working together with them all in shouldering its share of the responsibility in creating a peaceful and harmonious society where justice is the lynchpin of all human relations and in its life really does reach out towards eternity.

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