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Waiting is the farmer’s game

Being a farmer is not an easy job. Every day farmers wake up as early as cock crow to go out to the fields and also to tend their animals like the carabao, the cow and the goat. They also love to raise chickens, ducks and geese.
Sadly, global warming is affecting everyone’s lives, especially those of the farmers. During the day we feel hell on earth because of the increasing temperature which is hazardous to the health of humans as well as animals. It can cause death in the worst case.
Yet, for the sake of family needs, farmers brave both the rainy days and the burning temperatures that penetrate the skin so painfully.
I believe there is no way for a hardworking farmer to experience hunger, because you will always have fresh fruit, crops and vegetables from the farm, even if only just for family consumption.
Farmers rejoice when the rainy season comes, because that is the perfect time to plant. Even though it cannot give assurance that they will get a good harvest in due time, because it will depend on suitable weather conditions, they live in hope.
Sometimes it takes a long time before the rain falls again. So, obviously the plants get dry and die. Many farmers still depend on rain from heaven, especially those in high or mountainous areas. So, rain is life to plants and all living creatures.
What is rewarding about being a farmer is harvest time. There is joy in reaping what we have worked hard for and after a long wait comes the fruit of the trees, as well as the vegetables and crops from the ground, together with the eggs from the chickens and finally their meat that fills out the equation.
The virtue of waiting is necessary, as there is a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to hunger and a time to eat, a time to work and a time to sleep, a time to endure pain and a time for joy. There is a perfect time for everything.

• Lynn Salinas