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On going back home

We just finished a three-in-one celebration month at our parish—birthdays for the month of July; as well as the anniversaries of the Mother of Divine Grace praesidium and Mary Help of Christians praesidium, and lastly, my farewell party on July 23.
My time has come to an end and I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye, as it is crushing my innermost feeling, but I have to be strong enough to face the reality that my time as an overseas worker should be cut off. I have to move on to another chapter: the Balikbayan (repatriated) life.
As I have been an overseas worker for almost 24 years, including time in Singapore, you may think that perhaps I have more than enough savings now. But financially speaking, I am not wealthy enough, since the love of sharing my blessings has always been my priority!
I go home out of my longing to be together again with my beloved family, the same family that has urged me to finally return. I also have a plan to continue doing my apostolates in our country, as there are lots of challenges that I have seen after spending my Christmas holidays there last year.
Yes, there are lots of comfort zones that I have to give up as I had much to enjoy in highly developed places like Singapore and Hong Kong, and even had chances to go to beautiful places like New Zealand, Australia and other parts of Asia.
At times, I fear losing the joy of being in the company of all my beloved friends, brothers and sisters in Christ here in Hong Kong, for it will never be the same when our physical closeness is replaced by simple phone conversations!
Having in heart and mind these three words: faith, hope and love, I have slowly been preparing. Our best and loving friend, Jesus, assured us that peace is always with us, as it was said three times when he appeared to his disciples (John 20:19-27).
There is no doubt God will make things right, as long as we cultivate those seeds that are planted in our hearts.
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for everything that we have shared together as one big family in Hong Kong. I will never forget the help and support from my friends, including Father Czeslaw George Wojciechowski, the spiritual director of the Legion of Mary, and assistant parish priest at St. Vincent’s, Hang Hau, other priests and religious, especially the missionaries from the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, my mentors and of course, my kind employers.
Till we meet again, sometime, somewhere... let us continue on our journey to the Father with love and prayer. God bless us all.

• Terry Gamao