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Kazakh students detained in Xinjiang

HOTAN (UCAN): Authorities in China’s Xinjiang region are thought to be detaining ethnic minority Kazakhs for wearing Islamic clothing and praying, a practice forbidden by the Communist Party on university campuses.
Radio Free Asia reported Kazakh sources as estimating that more than 20 Kazakhs have gone missing—believed detained—and details are only available on a few of them.
Two people, 21-year-old Saltanati Murat, a student at the Traditional Chinese Medicine University in Jilin province; and 20-year-old Aliteng, a student at Changchun Normal University, were reported by their classmates to a teacher for praying.
Radio Free Asia quoted the source as saying, “The teacher reported them to the police in Xinjiang and they were detained.” 
The source said, “They didn’t wear ordinary clothing, but rather loose clothing that is in keeping with Islam, like long skirts and headscarves,” adding that, “They didn’t wear anything that covered their faces.”
The source said, “They were detained more than three months ago and there has been no news of them since.” 
Sources also reported that a 35-year-old man named Alvay, from Jeminay County in Xinjiang, was also detained for “frequent attendance at mosque and prayers.” 

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