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Back home during my vacation

What I was looking forward to when I went home for my vacation was bonding with my family. I had a great vacation recently. We didn’t go to other places besides our farm. We took our bath near the river, picked fruit, harvested vegetables and played with my nephews. And of course not to forget our food trip. I ate whatever food came to my mind as I know I won’t be able to eat them here in Hong Kong.
— Hezel Arceta
My daughter and I have just arrived in Hong Kong from a vacation in The Philippines. It was an unforgettable experience. The first thing we did when we arrived home was bonding with my family and then we travelled to Baguio, a beautiful place in The Philippines. We had some gatherings in which we sang videoke songs, ate and had a lot of fun with all my nephews, nieces and other relatives and that is really unforgettable. We went to a resort and played with the children, and spent time together to attend the Mass at the church and visited my other close relatives and friends.
 — Jocy Carpio 
Every time I go home for a vacation I look forward to being with my children. I was four months pregnant with my youngest child when my husband passed away so I was alone in bringing up my three children.
We go out together, enjoy eating in restaurants and go swimming. Since we are all food lovers, I cooked their favourite dishes. I feel so happy when I see them happy too.
 —Rowena Custodio
I look for a good bonding with my family especially with my husband and children. First of all we attend Mass, do some shopping, eat outside together and visit relatives.
I remember our last visit to the province was enjoyable, because our relatives were busy preparing food as they were celebrating their barangay fiesta. It was a good opportunity to be with them and see each other again.
 — Helen Gorospe
To be with our family most and foremost is the reason why we are so excited to be home, after being separated due to the nature of our work. Visiting our old folks, friends and old classmates and having some get togethers are always on the list of my agenda. 
I visit the cemetery where my parents were laid to rest and offer a candle and a prayer. The highlight of my vacation is having fun, bonding and travelling with my family to some beautiful and amazing places in our country.
The Philippines is a wonderful place to visit. As the saying goes, tangkilikin ang sariling atin (patronise our own). There are lots of beaches and tourist spots. We love to visit historical places like Intramuros, Luneta and the shrine of our heroes. I also look forward to visiting our historical churches back home.
 —Marylou Miranda
What I look for when I return home for my vacation is to be with my family. I want to spend time with them and make up for the years that I was away. I cook food for them, which they really miss a lot. I never feel tired when it comes to my family, because I love them so much. They are my life. I miss the times when we attend Mass together as a family every Sunday and have fun. We eat together and share happy moments as we talk about our plans as well as giving advice to my children.
 — Cristina Sunga