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Cry my beloved Philippines
Once the week has claimed its quota of blood
and it drains into the gutters
That’s when the faithful feel
the streets are clean enough for them
to wear their Sunday shoes
• Unidentified
They tell us we are safer now,
tell us to keep our eyes down
As although if we did,
we would no longer bear witness
to the slaughter
to the boys outlined in chalk
And the housewives screaming in the night
• Francesca Hurdato
I did not consent to triggers pulled in my name
Dealers dead on the street in my name
Children dead on the street in my name
I was born thinking only I could act in my name
But if that isn’t the case
I would prefer a less hypocritical messiah
• Antonio Sison
These poems were read at an evening of Poetry for Life by a group of young people as a protest against the blood-letting drive by the president, Rodrigo Duterte, to eliminate drugs by eliminating the people, especially the poor.
It took place during August in the very week that a record number of 92 people were gunned down by the police.