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To a beloved person in heaven

For my grandmother in heaven, I miss you so much and I love you so much. I always think of you and how sweet and caring you were to me even when I was little.
I remember that I used to sleep beside you more often than my mother. You would give me surprises, like a birthday party that you promised me when I was in grade school. I enjoyed travelling with you too. You gave me the happiest day of my life. Thank you grandma for all the good memories you shared with me.
You are my greatest gift from God. I thank him for a grandmother like you. I miss you so much grandma.
 — Ana Marie Daria
Dear tatay (daddy), thank you for guiding us always as we feel your presence in our family even though you are happy in heaven now. We miss seeing you playing with your grandchildren and thank you for the memories you shared with us.
I know tatay you are in the company of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I know how much you loved us, your children, and also your grandchildren. In whatever plans we make, we know you are there guiding us.
I will never forget the day you spanked me with a hanger while you were tutoring me in my algebra and physics. You always wanted us to finish our education and you emphasised its importance to us.
May you continue to guide us, your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.
— Julita Alagano
Dear son, I try to convince myself little by little to accept that you are in heaven now. I am thankful to God for loaning you to us and allowing you to become my son.
I feel paranoid sometimes when I remember the moments we shared together, those moments that will never happen again. 
They are now only memories.
I miss you and I don’t know how long it will take for me, but I ask God to guide me always and to teach me what is the best that I could be.
 — Marisa Bederio
To my dearest niece Marygrace. I just want to say hello. I miss you and I love you. Although you are no longer physically with us, I think about you more than you can imagine. I keep you with me in my heart wherever I go.
I remember when you were still a baby, your mother would leave you under my care as she was always busy at work. I remember breastfeeding you together with your cousin, Ronald, who was the same age as you.
As you grew up, we were very close like best friends. Even during those past years of being away from you, technology kept us close, as we shared secrets and all that stuff.
You left me and our family before any of us were ready. I know you are in a better place now. It is really sad to think that you missed a lot and you should have had a lot more to do, to live longer and go much further than your young age allowed.
I don’t question God’s plan. I know it is his perfect plan for you. So, just enjoy your paradise up there and live out your dreams that you couldn’t do on earth. Till we meet again, my beloved niece.
 — Zeny Agojo