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Death to freedom of opinion

DUBLIN (SE): The Students Union of the University College Dublin has passed a move impeach its president, Katie Ascough, for her stand on the protection of life.
Of the 6,572 members of the union, 4,540 voted for the impeachment, with 2,032 casting against it.
Reacting to the result on October 24, The Irish Times quoted Ascough as calling it a sad day for the university and a sad day for freedom of speech and opinion, two values that used to be cherished and nurtured in Ireland.
“I am deeply saddened at the outcome of today’s vote and the fact that many students would impeach me. Universities should be a place for freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of association… Respect for others with different beliefs is critical to debate and intellectual freedom on campus,” Ascough said.
“I enjoyed my time as president and gave it my full commitment and best effort. I hope the initiatives that I helped start in the Students Union at the University College of Dublin will bear fruit for all students in the union.” she said.
Ascough’s words were met with respectful applause from those present in the count centre at the time the result was announced. Sadly, it appears that there are some topics that political correctness requires there be only one opinion, as pluralistic societies become less and less capable of conducting civilised debates or discussions on emotive topics.
Meanwhile, a court in Britain has upheld a decision by the University of Sheffield to expel Felix Ngole, because he wrote that he believes that same-sex marriage is sinful.
Ngole has written, “The bible and God identify homosexuality as a sin… Same-sex marriage is a sin whether we like it or not. It is God’s words and man’s sentiments would not change his words.”
Ngole said he will appeal the decision, as his views on same-sex marriage have nothing to do with gaining a master’s qualification in the career path that he has been following.

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