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International importance of Church in China

HONG KONG (SE): The celebration of Christmas in China has gained popularity as its consumer society has taken off, but while it may be more of a commercial affair, Christians use its popularity to point people towards Christ.
Brent Fulton, from ChinaSource, says that in churches, rented banquet rooms and even on university campuses, carefully planned celebrations clearly present the gospel.
This is in stark contrast to two decades ago.
Christians in China today are not only focussed on their own nation, but are increasingly engaging with the Church outside China. Fulton says that he expects their role as active participants in the global Church to broaden and deepen in years to come.
“As China goes global, Christians everywhere find themselves ministering with and to people from China,” he says.
He adds that for the international Christian community, understanding China’s role in the world has never been as important as it is now and we need to cultivate more voices from within China and facilitate its interaction with the universal Church.

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