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And so it was Christmas

And so it is Christmas. A child is born. We know the story, or so we think. But if the men who wrote the gospels knew the story, they did not tell us much about it.
Mark does not mention it, John presents us with a lofty theological poem, and Luke and Matthew toss it in as an incidental amidst much detail about the Annunciation, visits to cousins, meeting with the Magi, shepherds getting the message, angels in the sky and Joseph’s quandary over his pregnant wife.
Somewhere in the midst of all this a child is being born.
But then there are important details that we tend to overlook. Matthew begins his story with the of Jesus, a long list of scoundrels representing humanity at its worst, but interspersed with characters representing humanity at its best; like Moses, the great leader; and Elijah, the great speaker of the truth.