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Feast day a national holiday

MANILA (AsiaNews): The feast day of the major patron of The Philippines, the Immaculate Conception of Mary, has been declared a national holiday by the president, Rodrigo Duterte, and was signed into law by the majority leader of the house of representatives, Rodolfo Fariñas, on December 29.
From now on, December 8 will be a holiday for schools and offices throughout the country will be closed. It had been approved in the lower house on May 2 this year and on December 11 in the upper house. It will take effect 15 days after the publication of the Official Gazette.
The new law is being welcomed by most people, with some saying that it should have been done long ago as Our Lady is a significant face in the Filipino culture and way of life.
Up until now, December 8 has been a regular working day, but the Church invited people to participate in religious fiestas and mostly schools suspended classes for the day.

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