CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Bishop celebrates Christmas at Stanley Prison

HONG KONG (SE): Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung offered a Mass on Christmas Day at Stanley Prison as part of his pastoral outreach to those of his diocese who were spending the festive season behind bars.
A press release put out by the Correctional Services Department says that it arranged the opportunity for Bishop Yeung in his first Christmas as the bishop of the diocese.
He was accompanied on his visit by the deacon who is the Correctional Services chaplain, Reverend Edwin Ng Wing-hung, and the chief superintendent of Stanley Prison, Chan Wai-kin.
Photographs published on the Correctional Services media page show the bishop doing the rounds of the prison hospital and offering a prayer and blessing to those on the sick list.
Anglican Archbishop Paul Kwong had visited the Pak Sha Wan Correctional Institute on December 21 in the run up to the feast. He was accompanied by the acting deputy commissioner of Correctional Services, Tang Ping-ming.
He was also given a tour of the premises to introduce him to the latest developments in the prison’s rehabilitation programme.
The former bishop of Hong Kong, Joseph Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun, had his opportunity on December 29, when he too offered a Mass at a Correctional Services facility.
Voluntary chaplains and visitors from various religious organisations are regular visitors to the prisons of Hong Kong and offer a wide range of spiritual and social services to anyone in custody who wishes to participate, regardless of their religious affiliation.
Services include visits, teaching, counselling, religious worship and recreational activities.

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