CATHOLIC NEWS OF THE WEEK . Sunday, 1 September 2019

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Korean Catholic media and Holy Spirit Study Centre join forces

HONG KONG (Agencies): A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between The Catholic Times of Korea, the country’s oldest Catholic weekly, and the Holy Spirit Study Centre in Hong Kong, aimed at boosting evangelisation efforts in Asia, especially in mainland China.
John Cardinal Tong Hon, the former bishop of Hong Kong and director of the centre, and Father Pius Yi Ki-soo, the president of the newspaper, signed the MoU at the Holy Spirit Seminary in Aberdeen.
“The MoU will be a meaningful step for both of us in our joint efforts in evangelising Asia,” said Father Yi, who added, “The cooperation of the two institutions will create an amazing synergy effect regarding the evangelisation of Asia, the most important pastoral concern of the universal Church in the 21st century.”
According to the agreement, both sides will exchange information on the evangelisation of Asia, including China, and will jointly hold related events including an international symposium scheduled for 2019.
Cardinal Tong said the Holy Spirit Study Centre and The Catholic Times of Korea now have a starting point when it comes to evangelisation.
“I hope that the institute’s research efforts will inform Korean Catholics to better understand the Church in China,” Cardinal Tong said.
The Holy Spirit Study Centre of the Hong Kong diocese is the leading Catholic institution on matters related to the Church in China and works for the formation of Chinese clergy. 
Paul Jang Byung II, the editor of the Korean Catholic weekly, paid a visit to the Sunday Examiner and the Kung Kao Po on January 12 to explore possibilities of collaboration in exchanging news and information between Hong Kong and Korea. 
Elaborating on the mission of the The Catholic Times of Korea he said, “Apart from dissemination of Church-related news to the Christian population, the weekly is a chronicler of events in the Church in Korea and serves as an archive of Korean Church history”. 
The weekly was established in 1927 under the name The Rock and was renamed The Catholic Times in 1940. 
It is regarded as the most influential Catholic weekly in Korea and celebrated its 90th anniversary last year.

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