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Celebrating your hero!

Maybe you never knew it, but he was so worried about you, and he was always caring. In life, before you started making your own decisions, he made decisions you never knew about that made your life better. He shielded you from all that could in any way harm you, from the evils of the world as long as he could. He did everything to make your childhood so magical! And you got a day to celebrate him: Father's Day! 
This Sunday, we celebrate the Father's Day, honouring the lives of true heroes in our world. A father’s world is often so complex, although you have seldom cared about it. His roles get reversed or altered as his little child grows into a teenager and an adult, and he has little choice than to play it up, often in silence. Still a child, father was your source of power, courage and confidence. 
You turn 17 and he is someone you told yourself would never be like, then much later an example you found yourself trying to live up to. You remember as a young adult, how many times have you ignored his advice and learned from the experience the hard way. How often have you rebelled against your father and considered him as old-fashioned and stubborn? 
Mark Twain famously wrote: “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years!” The older you got, the father made more sense to you!
Setting aside a day to express your love and appreciation for your dad is certainly not the meaning of Father's Day, because that must happen every day of your life. Instead, it must be an occasion to remind you of all that you ought to be for your dad! It reminds you to take up new resolutions to be a better son or daughter to your dad! 
This day also provides an opportunity to see your relationship with God the Father! More often than not, you are a rebellious child before him, fail to love him as you ought; not following his instructions and refusing to love him! One may also compare one’s Sunday liturgies to children visiting their parents who are in old age homes once a week! 
Yes, that helps to understand our relationship with God the Father better! There are many children today who make a weekly visit to both the father and God and are so happy about their generosity! It is good to remember that just as a father wants his children to love him, God yearns for the love of his children. Sadly, children today have time for neither! 
For a child, a father is a guaranteed protection. Whether or not you love him, he cares for you. Now that you celebrate your hero on this Fathers Day, do not forgot to pick up a quality or two that you admire most in him and that could be your best appreciation for all what he has been! Salute your Dad! jose