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Joint Easter staged for Christians and Hindus

BHUBANESHWAR (AsiaNews): In Orissa state in India, the scene of violent sectarian violence and  Christian persecution in recent years, more than 10,000 Christians and Hindus celebrated Easter together on April 8.

Significantly, one celebration was held on the grounds of the Vijaya Catholic School in Raikia, Kandhamal District, scene of violent anti-Christian scenes in 2008 by radicals in the name of Hinduism.

Children, senior citizens, women, politicians, government officials, village chiefs and religious  all took part in a 12-hour prayer service and attended various cultural sessions.

After songs, bible readings and prayer, Christians from various denominations organised small recitals, exhibits and dances.

“Our goal was to consolidate our unity and bear our Christian witness to all,” Father Jorlal Singh, from Raikia parish, said.

Ajaya Sabhasundar, a catechist, added, “The resurrection of Jesus gives fresh hope to overcome the difficulties of life. It is an opportunity to work for peace, justice and unity in Indian society.”

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