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Avoid dirty work of death pope says

VATICAN (CNS): “Evil looks to persuade us that death is the end of all things, that we have come to the world by chance and that we are destined to end in nothingness. By excluding the other from our horizon, life withdraws in itself and becomes just a good to be consumed,” Pope Francis told members of the Pontifical Academy for Life on June 25 at the start of its general assembly running to June 27.
Like the mythical figure Narcissus, people risk becoming infected by a “contagious spiritual virus” that turns them into “mirrored men and women who only see themselves and nothing else,” the pope said.
Equal beginnings, but then? A global responsibility, was the theme for the assembly.
The pope told academy members that the “ethical and spiritual quality of life in all its phases” must inspire the Church’s “behaviour toward human ecology.”
He also said that life from conception, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age, as well in those moments when it is “fragile and sick, wounded, offended, demoralised, marginalised and those cast aside” is “always human life.”
Pope Francis said, “When we surrender children to deprivation, the poor to hunger, the persecuted to war, the elderly to abandonment, we are not doing our own work but rather the dirty work of death. And where does the ‘dirty work’ of death come from? It comes from sin.” 
The pope also highlighted the need for “a global vision of bioethics” inspired by Christian thought, in which the value of one’s life is not determined by sickness and death but by the “profound conviction of the irrevocable dignity of the human person.”

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