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Celebrate the Youth Festival as a team

The Diocese of Hong Kong organised a Youth Festival in the second week of July as part of the major activities for the Year of Youth. In support of the youth activities and related endeavours, a second collection is to be taken up at all public Masses on the July 15 (Sunday).
The Youth Festival will coincide with the FIFA World Cup. The quadrennial international football tournament has garnered the interest of many people and some parishes have made use of this opportunity to invite the faithful to watch the games together.
Among this year’s World Cup matches, many people took note of the performance of the team from Panama—the venue of the World Youth Day scheduled for early next year—in particular, its group match against. Although Panama was the weaker team and finally lost 1-6, the team was jubilant before and after the match, as it was their first World Cup appearance and their first ever World Cup goal a David vs Goliath match.
This is reminiscent of a metaphor by Pope Francis, who said the Church is a team and that each one of us is a member of the team. He said that as teammates, we must work in solidarity, to help each one to the best position, to discover their special mission, their different roles and attain the unique situation which God has planned for our lives, and so help the entire team to victory.
In consultation with young people, the Instrumentum Laboris (working document) for the upcoming Synod of Bishops on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment slated for October puts forward seven key points: listening, accompaniment, conversion, discernment, challenges, vocation and holiness.
Living the Christian faith in today’s world of confused values, inflated individualism and dominant relativism is a great challenge. Nevertheless, in his Message for the 33rd World Youth Day (WYD), Pope Francis encouraged us by citing the angel’s words to Mary, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God.” He went on, “In the sacred scriptures the expression ‘do not be afraid’ is repeated 365 times with different variations as if to tell us that the Lord wants us to be free from fear, every day of the year.”
Concluding his message, the pope said, “as World Youth Day in Panama draws closer, I invite you to prepare yourselves for our gathering with the joy and enthusiasm of those who wish to participate in such a great adventure. WYD is for the courageous! Not for young people who are searching only for comfort and who withdraw whenever difficulties arise. Do you accept the challenge?”
The players of this match and great adventure are not only young people but also children, the middle-aged and the elderly, because we are all precious and unique members of this team. In this secular society, hand in hand, stand firm in for our faith, strive our best to score a goal and help each other in our lives. SE